My Name is Riley is a work in progress that has lead to a community gathering and growing. Riley is a Trans Enby* in England, the book details their struggles as a Non-Binary Transgender person – something that we don’t hear enough about in the UK.

However, while the book is in progress, being written and worked on, we’re going to have a bit of fun – we’re going to be releasing content, whether heartfelt, wholesome, or memes – we’re here to spread love and have fun while doing so.

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*Enby is a shortened term meaning Non-Binary, derived from “NB” which is no longer to be used..


This site was originally put together so to promote a book called My Name is Riley. After some time, it flourished into a community of Gender, Romantic, and Sexual Variant People (GRSVP). Our community supports those who are often excluded from communities for being Non-Binary, Gender Non-Conforming, Asexual, or Aromantic. We support Aces, Trans people who don’t experience Dysphoria, and anyone is straight or cis passing but is in fact GRSVP.

Of course, Cisgender and Straight people are welcome. But in the words of Riley:

Just don’t be a c*nt and everything will be swell.

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