Writing Day – #1

I don’t write as often as everyone thinks. Not entirely at least.
I have to fit writing into my daily routine but it’s just dribs and drabs here and there, it’s not like I write for a full day.

Well, I usually don’t anyways – maybe because I don’t have time to, but mostly because I don’t like to. Writing for a full day can cause a lot of heartache because it lets me bond with characters more than I should and when a character dies or gets hurt, it fucking hurts.

Today is the first full day of writing that I’ve had this year. And it’s been pretty good, but it’s hurt. I hurt a character and I feel the pain – I don’t empathise with people normally, but this character just gets me.

That’s why I don’t want to rush this book. If I write it all in a few days, it will ruin me. If I let it linger, I should be able to make it better for us all.

Fingers crossed.