A Cunt of a Different Identity

Buck Angel – as trans man, he’s one of the world’s most famous Trans “Adult” Actors – and he’s also a rotting piece of shit who has internalised transphobia towards other Trans people within the Trans Community.
The thing about Buck Angel is that no matter how much of an Advocate he is, he will always be an internalised Transphobe.
This is the issue we have in the GRSVP community. We have internalised Homophobia, Biphobia, Acephobia, and Transphobia.
Buck Angel is no exception, just because he’s Trans; because he’s now known as being an invalidating prick to Trans Enbies and Non-binary people.
He believes that if you’re not Binary, you’re the reason Trans people are getting killed.
Buck wants us to shut up, be Binary and fit into one of his boxes – in the same way Cis people wanted him to not be Trans.
I thought the day would come where Trans people could be who they are without the other aspects of the LGB took the piss out of us, and just let us transition how we liked in fucking piece.
But instead, Trans people are just putting Enbies down and invalidating us as the Cis used to do to them.
Nice to know that nothing changes – Transphobes come in all different shapes, sizes, and Gender Identities – but mostly, people are still cunts.