Dmitri – Who Am I?

My name is Dmitri Morris.
I’m an Intersex, Trans Man who happens to be Bisexual. I’m phobic of cameras – or rather phobic of my picture being taken. I have broken friends phones (on accident) just to avoid my picture being taken.
I went to college for a year with Teddy – I’m a year older than them, I’m 22 while they’re 21.
I changed my name when I was 19, I had a feminine yet neutral name but decided to change it.
I enjoy video games, listening to music, and painting – not that anyone will ever see any of my work, because I delete them before I have time to post them.
Memes are a life saver for me, they make me laugh, I get to make some, and that makes me happy.

If you have any questions for me, just comment below!

***Stock Image used for Reference. I sorta look like that***