More Days to Celebrate – My Gender Birthday

When you’re Trans, every victory – no matter how little it is – becomes a cause for celebration. For me, it’s the victory of surviving another year. I officially came out and changed my name on March 25th, 2015.

Even though I figured out that I was Trans at the age of six; I figured out I was Non-Binary (Enby) at the age of twelve. I didn’t come out for so long because I was terrified. My parents were known homophobes and transphobes at the time, and for a long time, I thought I’d get thrown out because of who I am. However, in reality, they ended up changing for the better, they made it easier for me to survive.

My Gender Birthday is March 25th – it’s a victory, for me, because I’ve now survived four years being out. It’s tricky, and a lot of it has been horrible, but I did it – and it was because I got to see others like me do it. Meeting Trans people who have been out since the 60s, meeting trans people who started transitioning before they attended high school, and meeting trans people who transitioned publically – whether that be in high school, college, or work – these people inspire me every day to do my best, to stand up for what I believe in, and keep living.

I won’t say it’s not been rough, because it has. I’m unlucky enough to be a writer, with that I ended up needing a following so that people read my work. So, in the end, it broke me because as soon as people found out I was trans – my writing didn’t matter anymore, it was all about what was in my pants (which is usually my house keys, my phone, and a can of Rubicon – I have huge pockets).

The internet is full of people arguing and transphobia is rife. I got told some things that I ended up believing, my self-esteem crumbled, and my work suffered. However, I survived, and I’ll keep surviving – mainly because I’m stubborn and I like proving people wrong – but also because I know that surviving is possible.

Today is my Gender Birthday – it’s a victory, for me, because I’ve now survived four years being out. Although, the best part is, I didn’t just survive four years, I lived four years as myself – and that is one of the best feelings in the world.