Pan and Omni – the crossover and differences

Many are confused about what classes as Pan and Omni.

As someone who identifies as Panromantic, I want people to understand the differences – but also not use some of the definitions that non-Pan people have written…

Let’s start with the crossover – Pan and Omni orientations are attracted to all genders. It’s that simple.

But, the difference between the two are in the detail of the orientations. And to make the differences clearer for people, I’ve come up with two – new – definitions that fit the orientations better.

Pansexual/Panromantic: relating to someone who is attracted to all genders without bias/without gender preference.
[This means that they’re attracted to all genders, but don’t favour some genders more than others]

Omnisexual/Omniromantic: relating to someone who is attracted to all genders but has gender preferences.
[This means that although they’re attracted to all genders, they may prefer some genders/one gender over other genders.]

Something that a lot of Pan people don’t like about the current definitions being used is Regardless of Gender – it’s not that we don’t pay attention to gender, we certainly do – we just don’t have a preference for certain genders. Regardless of Gender has been commented on by quite a few Trans people as it sounds and implies lack of gender recognition, which some find Transphobic – and that’s perfectly understandable.

So, in future, if you need to explain what Pan is, go with our definition – it’s simple, clearly worded, and it’s inclusive.