Why I Forgave My Queer High School Bully

I was outed as Pansexual in my final year of High School – I
was lucky, it was the last year, and many people didn’t hear about it, so I
didn’t get too much shit for existing.

However, a group decided to take the piss. And in the past
few years, it’s come to light that one of the worst has come out as Gay.

I didn’t say anything when this happened; I congratulated him
in private. He didn’t apologise for what they did to me, but to be honest –
maybe he didn’t realise how horrible he was to me? To others, perhaps but to me
he was always acting as if it was a joke – no matter how hurtful he was being.

But he came out, and I forgave him. I’ve seen him grow; he’s
supported Trans rights, he attends protests to support LGBT+/GRSVP rights. He’s

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