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We all know who Skylar (Jordan) Gutierrez is.

And if you don’t know, or you’re new to T3ddy Talk, then let me explain.

Skylar is my fiancee. I love them dearly.
We met in May 2014 and became friends, later becoming partners in October 2014. We officially met in August 2015, I picked them up from Manchester Airport.

I was so nervous. I was self conscious about my weight, about my look overall. I’d never actually met Sky before. I’d seen them on video calls, but we all know about horror stories of finally meeting someone and it turning out to be a catfish situation.

But I had no reason to worry. We hit it off. We went home, Sky stayed with us. We ate a shit ton of food and found that Sky likes British food – specifically Fish and Chips!

A couple of days before Sky went home…

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