Post of the Day #32

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What are your pronouns?

Most people know that I’m Non-Binary. I’ve been very open about it since coming out publicly six years ago.

But something that not that many people ask is honestly one of the most important questions: what are your pronouns?

A lot of enbies like pointing out that Google is a thing and that I’m not here to be a knowledge base of queerness. And I get it, we’re not here to do that. But I am willing to be that, for the simple reason of being in a large variety of parts of the LGBTQ and being very open about myself.

Pronouns aren’t something that you can Google, and they’re an important thing for Trans people. Getting their pronouns right is incredibly important.

However, I’ve only actually been asked three times what my pronouns are.

So, I want to make sure that people know.

My pronouns…

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