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What are your pronouns?

Most people know that I’m Non-Binary. I’ve been very open about it since coming out publicly six years ago.

But something that not that many people ask is honestly one of the most important questions: what are your pronouns?

A lot of enbies like pointing out that Google is a thing and that I’m not here to be a knowledge base of queerness. And I get it, we’re not here to do that. But I am willing to be that, for the simple reason of being in a large variety of parts of the LGBTQ and being very open about myself.

Pronouns aren’t something that you can Google, and they’re an important thing for Trans people. Getting their pronouns right is incredibly important.

However, I’ve only actually been asked three times what my pronouns are.

So, I want to make sure that people know.

My pronouns…

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First Openly LGBTQ Disney Character in ONWARD


Disney have finally given us an openly gay character and we’re all super excited!

Lena Waithe is going to be staring as a Lesbian Cyclops in the upcoming film, Onward.

Officer Specter isn’t in the trailer of the film, but overall the trailer is goddamn awesome.

The film is very much magic v reality, following a pair of brother trying to bring their dad back to the real world for a single day.

It’s action packed and funny, and I’m really looking forward to it.

Here’s the trailer:

What can I say other than: Thank you, Pixar!

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We all know who Skylar (Jordan) Gutierrez is.

And if you don’t know, or you’re new to T3ddy Talk, then let me explain.

Skylar is my fiancee. I love them dearly.
We met in May 2014 and became friends, later becoming partners in October 2014. We officially met in August 2015, I picked them up from Manchester Airport.

I was so nervous. I was self conscious about my weight, about my look overall. I’d never actually met Sky before. I’d seen them on video calls, but we all know about horror stories of finally meeting someone and it turning out to be a catfish situation.

But I had no reason to worry. We hit it off. We went home, Sky stayed with us. We ate a shit ton of food and found that Sky likes British food – specifically Fish and Chips!

A couple of days before Sky went home…

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Why I Forgave My Queer High School Bully


I was outed as Pansexual in my final year of High School – I
was lucky, it was the last year, and many people didn’t hear about it, so I
didn’t get too much shit for existing.

However, a group decided to take the piss. And in the past
few years, it’s come to light that one of the worst has come out as Gay.

I didn’t say anything when this happened; I congratulated him
in private. He didn’t apologise for what they did to me, but to be honest –
maybe he didn’t realise how horrible he was to me? To others, perhaps but to me
he was always acting as if it was a joke – no matter how hurtful he was being.

But he came out, and I forgave him. I’ve seen him grow; he’s
supported Trans rights, he attends protests to support LGBT+/GRSVP rights. He’s

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