Don’t Tell Me To “Cheer Up”!

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Depression is a bitch. It’s like a horrible cat clawing your back and trying to keep you in bed when you want to do something more interesting with your time. It’s draining feeling that makes you feel upset and tired for possibly no reason.

Major Depressive Disorder is not a twelve week period after losing someone you love; it’s not how you feel after a divorce or a heartbreak. It can be triggered by these things, but it’s not something that goes away.

Depression is an issue where there is a chemical imbalance in the brain, causing you to feel down when there is possibly nothing to feel down about.

My depression started when I was seven-years-old. I was depressed because of events that had happened in my life, but that never stopped for me – even now, I can wake up feeling depressed and moody for no reason. The…

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Let’s Have a Chat

Good Morning, Afternoon, and Evening! I've been working on the book but more so the community that we're growing. And something that has happened is that we now have a Discord server. Like everything My Name is Riley it's designed to be for Trans and Gender Variant folx, but we're open to having other people from the LGBTQ+. …

The Existence of Enbies: Gender is beyond a Binary

I've heard that people are uncomfortable about Enbies/Non-Binary folx like myself. However, I understand it; it can be difficult learning about something new to you. So, let me talk you into the world of gender variation. Gender Variation has been around much longer than the binary we're often put into today. Anthropologist April Scarlett Callis …

Random Thoughts

I've been thinking - I always make my books into Paperbacks and eBooks, simply because Hardbacks are way too expensive for most people (cheers, Brexit, Trump, and Poverty). But I've been thinking about making an audio version of the book - I'm not sure if Braille books are affordable (they weren't when I was learning …